Academy Values

Academy Values

 NGA's Management Committee has reflected over time and built on the ideas from our New Year’s resolution competition and the feedback from our parent/gymnast surveys. The aim being to consolidate the vision for the Academy as we continue to build and grow. As a result we have agreed up on a set of 3 core #TeamNotts values - what they mean to us and how we will keep them at the heart of everything we do.


Happy souls: Happiness is key to an enduring career in the sport and as such, mental and physical wellbeing should be seen as an integral part of our success. While our participants must be hard working, focused and disciplined - our gym should be a positive, inclusive and nurturing environment. Our gymnasts must all know that we care, not be afraid to speak up or ask for help and if / when people do move on from us they should look back at their time at NGA with immense pride.

NGA will continually strive to encourage our gymnasts to come to the gym each day with a happy and positive mindset and so as a collective, we will be the inspiration and drive forward #TeamNotts.


Do the right thing: An important part of understanding that we care is knowing that we will relentlessly strive to do the right thing. It may not always be easy as we seek to balance competing needs (business / athlete, short / long term) but this will be our perpetual intent. We will be upfront, open and honest - always taking the time to explain our decisions. 

NGA aim to inspire all at #TeamNotts to make good choices and do the right thing, at the right time, in everything they do.  For our gymnasts, we will continually nurture and encourage decisions that result in working their hardest, having a positive attitude, helping others and always striving to push forward every single day so they can believe and reach their own potential.


Be our best: Our work will never be done and we shall focus tirelessly on improving ourselves and the Academy. We have huge ambition and dedication - but that does not mean we will always get things right first time. We will be open and honest with each other, take time for self-reflection and actively seek and act upon feedback. We will seek inspiration from beyond our Academy and gymnastics - pursuing innovative best practice across every dimension of our work. 

To be the best possible version and an ever evolving Academy, we will continually encourage everyone at #TeamNotts including gymnasts, staff, volunteers, parents, family and friends to be the very best they can in everything they do.


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