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Academy Objectives

To create a safe and enjoyable environment for all gymnasts regardless of age, ability or fitness levels.

  • To develop health, fitness and social integration, whilst contributing towards physical and psychological well-being.
  • To provide a structured system and pathway providing all our members a suitable opportunity to experience gymnastics, regardless of age or ability; through Women’s, Men's, Acro, Gymnastics For All, Preschool, Adult sessions and Disability inclusive classes.
  • Increase the skill and fitness levels of all gymnasts using general and precise conditioning and preparation.
  • Produce methodical and progressive training programmes for all gymnasts at all levels.
  • To encourage all coaching staff to keep up to date knowledge of development programmes, the international code of points, national grades, regional and national rules.
  • To encourage and support coaches and judges to attend courses, improve their qualifications, knowledge and experience.
  • To achieve broad and consistent success across all levels of competition.
  • NGA representation across high performance national and home nation squads, with selections to major international competitions.
  • To help every individual realise their full potential as a gymnast, coach and/or judge and enjoy a fit and healthy sporting career.


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NGA Olympic Gymnasts

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