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Women's Artistic Kit

We have partnered with Playerlayer who supply our Academy Kit Range including our Competition Kit for all Competitive Gymnasts.  Please see below the full range of competition kit for the Women's Artistic Discipline.

You can purchase the kit you need from our online kit shop provided by Playerlayer.

Go to: https://playerlayer.com/teams/notts-gymnastics-academy.html

Leotards are purchased through the Club's Kit and Merchandise Team.

 Elite & Challenge Squads:

  • Academy Leotard - long sleeve
  • Academy Warm up Leotard - short sleeve 
  • Academy Tracksuit – Black 3/4 zip top and black leggings from Playerlayer

National 1,2 & Development 1,2,3

  • Academy Leotard –  Long or Short Sleeve (please ask your child's coach which leotard they need)
  • Academy Tracksuit – Black 3/4 zip top and black leggings from Playerlayer

Foundation 1 & 2

  • Any leotard of choice
  • Black 3/4 zip top from Playerlayer

Gymnasts should be well prepared for training wearing a suitable leotard / crop top and shorts to all training sessions. Gymnasts in Development groups and above require x 2 pairs of handguards / palm guards, floor music, chalk box, water spray and any conditioning items indicated by their head group coach.

WAG Quarter Zip top

WAG Quarter Zip top

WAG Competition Kit

Child Sizes £35
ages 5-6years up to 13-14years

Adult Sizes £41
sizes 8-16

Competition Long Sleeve Leotard

Competition Long Sleeve Leotard

Child Size £90
upto size 32"

Adult Size £99
size 34"+

Competition Short Sleeve Leotard

Competition Short Sleeve Leotard

Child Size £65
upto size 32"

Adult Size £75
size 34"+


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