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Gymnastics opens many doors. The spectrum of skills developed in gymnastics is so broad that it
is a fantastic foundation for any type of sport or exercise. In addition, the mental skills taught in
gymnastics can be used to succeed throughout life.  Gymnastics develops passion as well as
helping create a well-balanced, fit, healthy & happy individual who will be well equipped to face
life’s challenges. Gymnastics for All begins with movement sessions for babies, toddlers and
children with and without their parents. We offer an introduction to gymnastics through play.
Your child will learn to swing on a bar, hang on the rings, roll in different ways, bounce on the
trampoline, use a spring board and walk on a beam. Their balance, co-ordination, physical
development and social interaction will improve. We hope to increase self confidence, try new
things and achieve goals. Children also work towards proficiency pre-school badges.






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