GFA Gymnasts perform at NCGA Floor and Vault

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Three of NGA's gymnasts competed at the NCGA Floor and Vault in Mansfield on Sunday 13th May.
Florence and Tiffany began the day, competing the under 8s floor routine and a squat on stretch jump vault. Both girls enjoyed performing to the crowd and their vaults in particular were fantastic!
This was Tiffany's first competition experience and she took part in all aspects of the competition from marching on to warm ups, to watching other members of her group compete, and of course the presentation!
Florence also attended the competition last year and her independence has grown leaps and bounds since - she competed her vaults and went round the competition with her group that was made up of gymnasts from other clubs, too. This was a fantastic step forward for Florence. Both girls had a fantastic morning with lots of smiles and some super selfies with their coach! Florence came second AA in the I'm in Category, and Tiffany came 1st AA.
Caitlin competed in the Primary 2 category in the afternoon session. She competed a fantastic floor routine which included her newly-learnt half spin, and her two vaults. Despite finding the vault hard work, Caitlin showed excellent spirit and persevered - each vault from her first warm up vault to her last competition vault improved. Caitlin also enjoyed socialising with gymnasts from the other clubs, and to top it all off came 1st AA in the 9 year old, "I'm In" Category.
Well done ladies!
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