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Gfa June 2017 - August 2017 fees letters

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To all Gymnastics for all (Gfa) session parents,

The June 2017 - August 2017 fees letter are being handed out within your sessions over the next week. Please ensure you receive your letter with your personalised fees on it.

Please note: Fees are required by the 1st May 2017 to secure your gymnasts' place in the June block.

Not got your letter yet? Please download the appropriate generic days' fee letter:

Need to transfer onto a different session? Please return the slip on the back of your fees letter asap. You can view the whole Gfa programme on our Gfa session times and fees page.

Thinking about not renewing for the next block? Please return the slip on the back of your fees letter asap.


Jack Duggan

Head of Gymnastics for all (Gfa)

This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


C1 and C2 girls compete at EVGC Spring Invitational!

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On Sunday 26th March, many of our C1/C2 girls competed in what was their first ever competition!

Nerves were running high for the first round of the competition but soon settled ready for the second round.

Although beam was to be the nemesis of the day for all competing, all the other pieces saw good solid routines performed by the Notts girls.

With the competition being so close the medal ceremony was a buzz of excitement for all the gymnasts.

Our first medal of the day, a silver on floor for Amelie from C1, started what could only be described as a flood of medals for these young gymnasts.

In total the girls won - 8 gold, 9 silver and 9 bronze medals, not including medals for overall winners.

We had three overall medal winners, whose individual performances were outstanding.

Jessica Pollard – Overall Gold – Level 2 10yrs old

Amelie Smith – Overall Gold – Level 1 6yrs old

Jaylah Clarke – Overall Silver – Level 2 8yrs old

Fantastic and fun morning was had by all involved.

All the gymnasts who entered did themselves and their coaches proud.







Notts Disability Gymnasts compete at I'm In competition!

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Screen Shot 2017-03-22 at 11 Fotor

Congratulations to the Notts Disability Gymnastics team for taking part in their first competition - the I'm IN competition in Leicester on Saturday 18th March 2017.

There were lots of nerves to start with, but the team spurred each other on as well as showing great sportsmanship to gymnasts from other teams.

The gymnasts competed on up to three pieces - vault, floor and trampoline, and produced some great results.

Florence came 6th on trampoline and 5th on vault, which she performed on her own in front of the whole crowd and loved the applause she earned!

Daniel came 2nd on trampoline, 2nd on vault, 5th on floor and 4th all around in his discipline. He was a great team player and did a very neat trampoline routine.

Louis came 2nd on trampoline, 3rd on vault, 3rd on floor and 2nd all around in his discipline. Louis's shoulder stand was beautiful and his confidence impressed us all.

Thank you to Leicester for organising the competition, and also to our volunteer Jess Savage for he continued commitment to the group.


C2 girls compete at County 2-Piece Championships!

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On Sunday 5th March, our C2 girl competed in what was for many, their very first floor and vault competition. The event took place in Chesterfileld and the morning competition consisted of gymnasts aged 5-6 years old who were required to compete a squat on vault and a floor routine. Amy Booth, Ruby Thatcher, Amelie Smith, Effie Dunlop and Chloe Waite all competed in this category, performing some lovely vaults and neat and tidy floor routines. All managed to overcome their nerves and enjoy the competition experience and achieved the following scores:

Amy Booth – 17.6

Ruby Thatcher – 17.3

Amelie Smith – 17.15

Effie Dunlop – 16.85

Chloe Waite – 16.4

The afternoon competition gave the 7 year olds a chance to perform their floor and vaults. Heidi Skeffington, Megan Crampton, Cherry-May Briggs-Price, Ianthe Panayiotou, and Florence Smith, all showed that they were able to compete under pressure by remembering their floor routines. The gymnasts supported each other every step of the way and produced some great results:

Heidi Skeffington – 17.5

Megan Crampton – 17.35

Cherry-May Briggs-Price – 16.55

Ianthe Panayiotou – 15.75

Florence Smith – 15.5

A special mention to Heidi Skeffington who took home a bronze medal and Megan Crampton who came 5th place! 


Academy Performance Director, Adam Folwell reports on an exciting start to 2017

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Wow…where did my first year here at the Academy go? I would like to take this opportunity to provide you all with an update on the building works, a brief review of 2016 and the direction the Academy is heading in 2017 and beyond.

 The Academy is now the sole tenant of the building and we are in the process of securing an initial, five-year lease with the Council. Since the closure of the leisure centre, contactors have been on site making the necessary amendments to provide us with a new entrance and access to our space, which will also include use of a couple of rooms within the centre.

Building works are due to be completed by the middle of March, however I am unable to provide you with an estimated date of when our access will be made available for use. In the meantime, please do continue to use the stairs and pathway up to our main entrance and feel free to wait upstairs in the hallway next to our offices.

My arrival has coincided with a few staff leaving for pastures new, alongside an influx of talented and motivated individuals who have gelled together remarkably well to create the exciting team that we can all be hugely proud of. The Academy has also grown from within, investing in two promotions from zero hours’ contracts to full time salaried positions, which is a large shift in mind set for any sporting club.

Our coaching team have been supported for the first time in their quest to upskill, with many of the team making use of the new Academy initiative for funding towards coaching courses. Last year saw several qualifications gained at the introductory level, continuing through to the pinnacle of High Performance, which has provided the members with an even greater level of coaching and expertise.

The Academy had enjoyed major success at every level of competition throughout 2016, boasting a European Champion, 2 Team GB representatives in Rio, the Junior British Team Champions, as well as many more medallists at a National, Regional and County level. Participation levels have increased within our Gymnastics for All discipline, providing more opportunities for development at the grass roots level, with a highlight for the discipline being; the inaugural “In House” Gfa competition which saw over 230 members participating.

The growth in membership has also seen the Academy strive to achieve a more conducive ratio of athlete: coach levels, for the participants to fulfil their own levels of potential throughout the various disciplines, whilst creating progressive pathways for entry and exits from each of our sessions/ disciplines.

The careful and strategic expansion continued with the introduction of our new satellite club at the Rushcliffe Arena where participants receive an introduction to the sport before becoming full members of the Academy. Creating a larger talent pool to select from within, is a key priority for the Academy moving forward, whilst maximising the opportunities for all involved to continue loving their time in this wonderful sport.

The Academy has invested heavily on the equipment front, providing our Athletes with a truly world class facility and we are looking to invest again this year to create a useable space within the sports hall. Expansion is needed to offset the increased overheads involved with the sole tenancy agreement, however the new sessions will take place over a weekend, providing extra room on a week night for warm ups and physical preparation to take place.

Charity status within 2017 is a major objective for our hard working and dedicated members of the Board. Discussions and enquiries into the process have progressed very positively and we are hopeful that an announcement can be made during the summer months, resulting in another huge step forward for the Academy.

I would like to finish with a note of thanks to the entire membership and wider stakeholders, whom without your support, the Academy simply wouldn’t be as thriving as it is today. Whilst we are some way away from being the finished article, the team and I will continue to do our very best to continue the positive, upwards trends in each area and service that we provide.


Adam Folwell

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