GFA disability gymnastics

Disability gymnastics

Gender: These sessions are mixed but we run a independent gymnast session and a parent/carer supported session

Session length: One hour

Amount of sessions per week: One

Payment frequency: Quarterly.

Session overview objective: Using fun and creative methods to deliver key types of movement while introducing/developing gymnastics skills. Each session will vary depending on the requirements of the group but aims to develop the gymnasts strength, flexibility and skills ability while enjoying various activities.

What is covered within a typical block: These sessions fun and exciting every sessions and include a wide range of activities to suit the upcoming events and wishes of the gymnasts within the sessions. A typical session will focus on the requirements of the gymnasts but will always try to follow a similar programme to our Gfa blocks but using the following process:

  • Warm up
  • Apparatus one
  • Apparatus two
  • Apparatus three
  • Cool down

Ratio's: We aim to provide all of our sessions at a ratio of 1:6, Coach to Gymnast, with a maximum of 6 gymnasts per session.

Session entry pathway:

  • Waiting list
  • Preschool pathway
  • NGA Satellite club
  • GFA pathway
  • Acro squad
  • Men's Artistic pathway
  • Women's Artistic pathway
  • GFA Competitive pathway

Session exit pathway:

When do these sessions run: See our GFA session times and fees page for further details.

How to book onto these session:

To book your child onto the waiting list, please send your gymnasts details (name, surname, DOB) and your contact number to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


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