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Practised by both men and women, Acrobatic Gymnastics is amongst the oldest known sports practiced by the ancient Egyptians. The name comes from the Greek word ‘acrobateo’, meaning to rise or go forth.

Notts Acro club caters for male and female gymnasts of a wide range of ages and abilities who want to specialise in acrobatics.

Sports Acrobatics is a beautiful, dynamic sport for both males and females, which is performed to music. It is hoped it will become an Olympic Sport. Sports Acrobatics can cater for a wide range of ages and abilities. Amongst other things it develops courage, fitness, strength, stamina, coordination, flexibility, trust, responsibility for others, teamwork, musical appreciation.

Competitors work as women's pairs, mixed pairs, men's pairs, women's trios or men's fours. All disciplines perform balance, tempo and combined 2 minute 30 second routines to music (except men's group-balance which perform a single pyramid without music), on a 12 x 12 m floor. Acrobatic Gymnastics is a modern and artistic discipline, which requires an extraordinary amount of courage and trust amongst gymnasts.
Acrobatic routines are choreographed to music and presented on a 12 X 12 metre sprung floor surface, Acrobatic Gymnastics is full of expression and provides gymnasts with a stage on which to shine.
In official competitions, Acrobatic Gymnastics offers five different possibilities of partnerships:
  • Men’s, Women’s and Mixed Pairs
  • Women’s Group (3 gymnasts)
  • Men’s Groups (4 gymnasts)

Acrobatic Gymnastics is the perfect team sport for those wishing to express themselves in movement and has been popularised recently by Britains' Got Talent winners "Spelbound".

History of the club
The Acro section of Notts Gymnastic Academy was formed from Notts Acro club in 2010. Notts Acro was originally founded by Mr Roy Tinsley. Roy entered the world of gymnastics in the 1980s when his daughter started classes at Sandiacre Gym Club. He soon became involved in coaching and subsequently coached in Sneinton Dale, later moving to Hucknall Leisure Centre with the Nottingham gym club. It was at Hucknall Leisure Centre that Roy established the first Sports Acrobatics Club in the East Midlands, namely Byron Gym Club, which later became known as NOTTS ACRO. Despite fighting against ill health for a number of years Roy worked his way becoming a class 2, and later High Performance coach, in Sports Acrobatics, a tutor and judge. He encouraged many new coaches and teachers into the sport, helping them to be confident and qualify to coach.

For several years Roy organized the National Sports Acrobatics Championships and was fondly known in the Sports Acrobatics world as 'Mr East Midlands'. He served on the East Midlands Gymnastics Association Committee as Chair, Secretary and Treasurer of Sports Acrobatics for many years keeping the sport alive, and was the catalyst for all the Sports Acrobatics in the East Midlands. Those who knew Roy will remember him for his eternal energy fighting spirit. We miss his enthusiasm for the sport enormously.

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