Parents Info

Should you have any concerns they must be voiced through the correct channels:

Firstly, please refer to your disciplines handbook, which will answer many of your questions. Secondly, please speak to your child's coach before or after training, or via e-mail, phone or text. If they are unavailable, please contact your head coach. Please note during training hours the coaching team must not be disturbed.

Shouhave any quld you have and queries regarding membership or fees please speak to our administrators on 01159 233 033.

It is your responsibility to check notice boards for us to communicate with you or the new secttion on this website.

Should you have any concerns regarding child welfare, please contact our Welfare Officers, who will be able to assist you in complete confidentiality. Please find their contact details here.

NGA has an active fundraising committee and should you have any suggestions or wish to get involved please contact a committee member to get involved. Details of fundraising committee members can be found here.


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