Development Elite girls compete at county champs

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Development Elite competed in the Nottinghamshire County Championships, In Age Level 5, on Sunday 2nd July, with some fantastic results. We are incredibly proud of the girls.

Congratulations to Diaz Hector, who came 2nd all around, and to Cadie Munday who finished 3rd all around. Superstars!

New skills were competed by many of the group, and their confidence showed. The girls have been working hard on neatening up and this was reflected in the results. Placings on individual apparatus are as follows:


Diaz Hector and Cadie Munday, joint 2nd


Naomi Williams, 2nd

Cadie Munday, 3rd


Diaz Hector, 2nd

Naomi Williams, 3rd


Diaz Hector and Cadie Munday, joint 2nd

There were lots of achievements to be proud of. Katie was determined to show the coaches she compete her handspring to stand which she did - with a lovely landing. Lily had a clean beam routine with beautiful straight legs in her leaps and walkover, Sofia performed a very elegant floor, and Erin made us all proud by competing her straddle undershoot. As always the girls supported each other and were a great team. Go DE!

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IMG 0362 Fotor


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