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Welcome to Notts Gymnastics Academy, a dedicated elite training facility, with success from county to an international level of performance.  Notts Gymnastics Academy is one of the most successful clubs in Great Britain, with a wealth of gymnasts achieving countless success at European, Commonwealth, World and Olympic Games.

It is also important for you to understand that gymnastics is the fundamental preparation for all physical activities, to take to higher levels can be very difficult. It can be dangerous and gymnasts may sometimes suffer injuries. Every precaution is taken to avoid this. One important factor to avoid injury is to make sure the gymnast’s body is equipped to deal with the demands of the sport. To achieve this, the gymnast’s training programme will involve a high percentage of body conditioning and preparation. The gymnasts will be advised and encouraged to look after their general health by eating sensibly and getting enough rest. Outside the training environment these aspects must be taken seriously.  Competitive Gymnasts will also have moments when they feel low and moments of feeling high.  Please make yourself aware of this and do your best to help them through whatever situation arises. All the coaches are fully qualified and work to set guidelines and all want the best for every child in the club.

Each year gymnasts will need to affiliate to BG and East Midlands to be able to compete at the appropriate level and to be insured to train. Gymnast's are also required to pay monthly fees, information on this can be found in the training times section, our handbook and on the homepage.

Thank You and Welcome to Notts Gymnastics Academy


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